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Vacation Forever Poster

Vacation Forever Poster


Risograph Print, uncoated off white 170 GSM paper

29.7 x 42 cm, 11.69 x 16.53 inches

Printed in limited edition of 100

Signed & numbered.

The poster is printed in the Peow studio by their legendary Risograph printing machine


Vacation Forever is an poster Ide I got when USA changed their president. I remember when I finished High school, the summer was about to begin and I felt free lika a bird. I wounder if Obama had the same feelings (x1000) when he left the white house? Anyway in this poster I tried to capture that moment when you woke up the day after and feel great and ready for vacation forever!

About Risograph Printing

A riso, or a risograph is a printing machine that’s a bit between photocopying and screen printing. You can print in many different colors, but like screen printing, you can only print one color at a time.

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